Your First Class

New to yoga?
Here’s some pointers on what to bring and what to expect to ease you into the Jala Flow.

What to bring to your first class at Jala Flow Yoga Sidmouth East Devon. Flexible Yogi dancers pose. Body, mind, wellbeing, spiritual, relaxation.

What To Bring

The beauty of yoga is its simplicity. All you really need is your mat. Experienced yogis tend to bring their own, but those new to Jala Flow Yoga are welcome to borrow the mats we have available.

For hot yoga classes it is advisable to bring a towel to place over your mat to prevent it from becoming slippery.

Both mats and towels are available to buy at the studio.

What to wear to your first class at Jala Flow Yoga Sidmouth East Devon. Happy Relaxed Yogi outdoors.

What To Wear

We prefer to practice in bare feet unless you prefer to wear socks.

Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily.

If you are going to a hot yoga class you are going to sweat, so wear something light and breathable.

Yoga Etiquette at Jala Flow Yoga Sidmouth East Devon. Yogi Sun Warrior pose outside. Relax, wellbeing, physical.

Yoga Etiquette

Arrive 5 to 10 minutes early in order to ensure everyone is settled, ready for the class to begin on time

Take off your shoes and socks before you walk into the room.

We recommend that you do not eat for 1 to 2 hours before your practice.

Please respect that for many students the studio space is a sanctuary for peace and meditation. We ask that noise is kept to a minimum level when entering the practice area. Many thanks.