Louise Hunt

Louise Hunt, British Wheel of Yoga qualified yoga teacher and instructor in Sidmouth, East Devon. Pre and post natal yoga, Hatha yoga and Relax Kids coach.
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Director and founder of the award winning Jala Flow Yoga in Sidmouth.

Louise began her yoga journey in 1997 after stumbling across a class in a gym where she was teaching aerobics. Yoga captured her heart and it wasn’t long before she was completely hooked!

Louise is a Senior Yoga Alliance instructor. She is qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga, level 3 REP's (Register of Exercise Professional) and has been teaching classes and workshops across the uk since 2001.

Louise has studied under and has been trained by the world renowned Manju Jois, Shiva Rea, John Scott, Lucy Crawford, Travis Eliot and Lauren Eckstrom. She’s honoured to be one of Manju’s approved Ashtanga teachers and continues her studies with these truly inspiring teachers to this day.

Her style of teaching ranges from meditation, gentle hatha, yin and restorative to the much more dynamic Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow styles.

As a teacher Louise feels honoured to share her studies and love of yoga with her students. Her purpose as an instructor, is to guide students through safe and fun classes with the intention of cultivating peace, happiness and balance. She aims for everyone to leave her classes feeling healthier and happier than they were when they walked in!

Tom Hunt

As co-founder and director of Jala Flow Yoga, Tom owes much gratitude to the practice of yoga, which helped direct him towards a more fulfilling path.

Having spent a number of years of disatisfaction working in the corporate World, it took time to realise that yoga was the perfect way cope with stress and anxiety.

His spirits were immediately lifted ever since attending that first yoga class and a new invigoration for life has been with him ever since.

Yoga combines physical exercise with mindfulness techniques, and I challenge anyone who believes it cannot change your life

Tom is training as a level 3 REPS (Registar of Exercise Profesionals) instructor in Pilates and is a qualified Hatha Yoga teacher, specialising in Vinyasa Flow, Yin and yoga for fitness.
Tom Hunt, yoga teacher and instructor in Sidmouth, East Devon. Men's yoga, sport yoga for balance, strength and flexibility.

Mel Smithson

Mel has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and is a qualified in Advanced Hatha yoga teaching also Pregnancy and Ayuvedic yoga. She runs yoga retreats and during the summer season teaches SUP (Stand-up Paddle board) yoga on Sidmouth seafront (weather permitting that is).

Mel offers a holistic approach to Yoga teaching, by positively encouraging students to develop their own expressive and unique style of movement. Her training in acting, dance and singing brings an exciting and expressive quality to her style of teaching. Her classes consist of flowing breath and movement sequences, relaxation techniques, pranayama and Meditation.

Yoga is essential to restore balance in our busy lives, giving us much needed time and space to breathe and regain clarity of vision. It is her intention is to leave you feeling relaxed, restored and rejuvenated. Mel is really looking forward to joining the Jala flow team and looks forward to meeting you soon.

Sabine De Ville

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Yoga has been the foundation of my life since my teenage years in the ‘80s, teaching myself through books until i could finish school and leave for India to find a teacher, becoming a student of Siddha Yoga and training as a Hatha yoga teacher.

Since then I have taught on and off, between other work in Colombia, Europe and England, continuing my training with many teachers along the way. My main influences have been from Anusara, Vinyasa, Yoga-dance and Kundalini yoga, but my greatest teacher has always been my own body and my own experiences. This for me is the power of what yoga can bring to our lives, and what I endeavour to pass on. 

What i teach is always in motion, as is the flow between yoga and life, and I offer what I have experienced for you to try for yourself and make your own. 

Presently I am enjoying a focus on calming mindfulness and energy yoga, which I also teach to children, as well as the powerful transformative system of Kundalini yoga. Combining posture, breathing practises, mantra, mudra, music and meditation, every class is a powerful new experience .... but can be done at your level, so it is open to all, no matter what physical ability or experience - Come and give one of my classes a try! 

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James has been practicing yoga since 2006 and teaching since 2015, teaching classes in England, Australia and New Zealand. James, isn't your stereotypical yoga teacher and believes yoga should be for every day real people. He teaches yoga simply and without pretense.

His journey into yoga began in 2006 and, after practising yoga for a short while, James found it gave his mind more clarity and focus. He came to realise that life is in a constant state of flux and, from this, yoga then became more and more of an integral tool to help him deal with not only the lows, but also the highs in life, helping him to maintain a more positive state of being. Ever since, James has used yoga as a tool to iron-out any aches and pains in his body and to calm his mind so that he is not constantly restless. 

After practising yoga for eight years, he felt a burning urge to share the benefits of yoga with others and it was then that he decided to take the deep lunge and become a yoga Teacher. He graduated from Yoga London with a Yoga Alliance 200 hour RYT Qualification in May 2015.