Picking a class that suits you.

Our classes are aimed at yogis of all levels and experience (unless otherwise stated) with a teacher on hand to guide you at your own pace.

All our Yoga classes teach postures and techniques that can bring an increase to flexibility & strength and include methods of relaxation and mindfulness for improved well-being.



Suitable for all levels

Traditional form of yoga

Good for posture and alignment

Body purification

Improves physical strength & stamina

Teaches breathing and relaxation techniques

Vinyasa Flow

Combines Hatha & Vinyasa yoga practices

Synchronizes movement and breathing

Energizing pose to pose transitions

Dance-like flow movement that enhances a state of meditation and mindfulness

Great for toning, strength, stamina and flexibility



Influenced by the Tantra and Shaktas schools of Hinduism

Focus on awakening Kundalini energy

Practice Meditation

Pranayama & Chanting Mantra

"The yoga of awareness"

Restorative Yoga

Passive stretching

Synchronizes the breath and follows a specific
series of postures

Supine or seated yoga that uses props to support the body

Very Relaxing

Compliments other more active practices

Can help to achieve an open & refreshed feeling



Vigorous style of yoga

Synchronizes the breath and follows a specific
series of postures

Generates intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs

Improves circulation

Develop a light and strong body and a calm mind

Great for the more physically minded yogis among us


Yoga FIT

Achieve a very simple goal: Get FIT

Avoiding extreme postures, maintain a focus on power

Increase strength, flexibility and endurance

Seek individual optimum performance and enhance your sporting ability

Taught with a modern approach towards fitness, without losing the ethos of yogaImproves spine mobility & balance


Yin Yoga

Targets the connective tissues that normally are not exercised

A perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga

Poses tend to be more passive and held for longer periods of time

Incorporating a little bit of both Yin and Yang creates a more well-rounded practice


Flow & Stretch

Combine different styles of hatha from Vinyasa Flow, through to Yin.

A happy medium and balance between finding some strength and fitness and some time to relax.



Refers to a broad variety of practices that include techniques designed to promote relaxation, build internal energy and life force and develop compassion, love, patience, generosity and forgiveness. The ultimate goal aims at effortlessly sustained single-pointed concentration meant to enable its practitioner to enjoy an indestructible sense of well-being while engaging in any life activity. Meditation is often used to clear the mind and ease many health concerns, such as high blood pressure, depression and anxiety.


Yoga For Sports Recovery

Yoga is quickly becoming an essential performance enhancing tool for athletes, and more and more pro’s are using it to: Improve flexibility, core strength, enhance breathing techniques, aid recovery and help create sharper mental focus. ‘In the gym you should focus on strengthening your core for 30 minutes each day, mixing up Pilates, Yoga moves and using exercise balls’ – Bradley Wiggins (2012) I specialize in Yoga for Cyclists & Athletes. As an avid cyclist myself and past member of Bristol Road Club & present member of AVP, I know the mental and physical challenges Athletes face. I understand, now more than ever, how Yoga can help cyclists & other athletes with injury prevention and injury recovery. Read my article 'Why Should Cyclists do Yoga' Expect traditional poses and flowing movements, linked with breathing. Focusing on releasing tension from areas of the body, which become tight and unbalanced from high intensity exercise.


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Please contact us if you are unsure of which classes to attend and we will do our best to guide you.