Yoga Workshops


 Yoga Nidra Yoga Workshop at Jala Flow Yoga Studio in Sidmouth, Devon.

Rest & Restore - Yoga Nidra Workshop with Julie Bladon

10th February 2018 | 28th April 2018 | 16th June 2018 | 8th September 2018 | 20th October 2018 | 17th November 2018 |

(All 2pm - 4pm)

You will enjoy a relaxing and calming meditative yoga practice before embarking on a Yoga Nidra journey.

Yoga Nidra is an ancient tantric method where the mind and body is in deep relaxation.
A single hour of Yoga Nidra is as restful as four hours of conventional sleep. This workshop is for anyone interested in relaxation and meditation, whether you are brand new or experienced in meditation. You will be fully guided.

The practice of Yoga Nidra releases all types of muscular, emotional and mental tension. You not only enjoy complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation, but also get to explore the tremendous powers hidden in the deeper layers of subconscious mind.

For enquiries and bookings, please contact the studio or Julie directly ( or call 07754 983498)

Cost: £25


Ashtanga Yoga Weekend Immersion
With Scott Johnson
13th – 15th April 2018

The Heart of Practice - Unpacking the layers of Ashtanga yoga

Scott will run a weekend of classes looking at the many elements that underpin a yoga practice. For Scott, yoga is about waking up to the present moment of life. He sees yoga practice as a way of nurturing deep insight into the experience of the body and mind. This weekend will use ashtanga yoga and mindfulness as it's root from which we will look into how yoga helps us to understand ourselves.
***Please note this workshop is suitable for all levels of ashtanga practitioners, who are familiar with at least the standing sequence of the Ashtanga yoga system. 

Cost of full workshop £150
(early bird £130 if booked and paid before the 1st March 2018)

Friday Evening 6pm - 7.30pm

This session, opening the intensive, will look at what brings us to practicing yoga, what sustains us while we practice and ultimately what we are looking to cultivate. We all find yoga for our own very personal reasons and yoga practice offers us the opportunity to transform our lives. We will look at yoga practice, it's evolution in our lives and also those elements of practice that perhaps at the moment are just hidden from view, hiding but ready to be unveiled.....

Sat/Sun Morning 10am - 12pm
Following The Path Of The Breath - A Primary Series Practice

Beginning the workshop we will see that the ashtanga yoga practice is fully expressed through the breaths relationship with the body. We will see that, through the lens of a full counted vinyasa led primary series, that patterning and structure of asana follows how the body flows in direction and structure. That we are shaping our posture around our breathing pattern and moving from that awareness.

Saturday Afternoon - 1pm - 3pm
Ashtanga Yoga as a “Support System

Scott will work with you on establishing a strong connection to the earth in your yoga practice. Grounding yourselves, feeling rooted and safe so you will finish this session practice feeling a sense of centred-ness and security that you can take beyond the mat.

Sunday Afternoon - 1pm - 3pm
Ashtanga Yoga and Mindfulness

In this afternoon workshop, Scott will talk about how to enable a mindful yoga practice that allows the practitioner to really be present and relax into that “what is”. Both in the yoga practice, also taking this concept into our daily lives.
About Scott Johnson
Founder, director and senior ashtanga yoga teacher at Stillpoint Yoga London
Scott has been practising ashtanga yoga since 2002 and teaching since 2003. He is the co-founder and main teacher at Stillpoint Yoga London (founded in 2009 with the late Ozge Karabiyik). Scott lives with his wife Louise and three sons in Kent and has travelled an hour to teach the 3.5 hour morning self-practice classes every day since 2011, when the classes moved from 3 to 5 days per week (Monday-Friday).
Scott’s teaching is greatly inspired and influenced by John Scott, Lucy Crawfordand Manju Pattabhi Jois. Scott met John in 2002 and instantly felt the deep connection to the ashtanga yoga lineage through John’s teaching and his relationship with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Scott connected with John and Lucy in workshops and assisted self-practice weeks through the years, and in 2008/2009 he undertook a 2-month intensive teacher training at their Stillpoint yoga retreat in New Zealand. It was here that Scott met the late Ozge Karabiyik, and between them they created Stillpoint Yoga London.
In 2014 Scott became one of the few teachers to receive the 500hr certificationfrom John Scott Yoga to teach the primary and intermediate series of ashtanga yoga and was recommended by John Scott to be listed on ashtanga.coma highly regarded website that promotes teachers of ashtanga yoga around the world.
Manju Pattabhi Jois, son of Sri K Pattabhi Jois, has been teaching workshops at Stillpoint Yoga London since 2012 and Manju has created a close relationship with SYL and Scott. In 2016 Manju authorised Scott to teach the primary and intermediate series of ashtanga yoga. 
Scott is registered as a senior yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance UK and he has also undergone extensive training with Clear Mind Institute, gaining their level 1, 2  & 3 certificate in Mindfulness and Compassion.
Scott teaches with encouragement, insight and integrity to the ashtanga yoga lineage he has had access to. He adheres to the authentic tradition left by Sri K Pattabhi Jois, assisting practitioners in discovering how the practice can unfold, not only personally on the mat, but also in the wider context of daily life.    


A day retreat.jpg

A Day Retreat – Finding Balance in Your Life

28th April 2018

With EllaO & Louise Hunt

A Reiki Drum Journey, Slow Flow Yoga, Transformational Breath®, Yin Yoga & Meditation

Our lives are moving at an ever-faster speed as we rush from engagement to engagement; work, family and social commitments all demanding our time, effort and attention.   Keeping centred, connected and in alignment with doing what is best for us can fall by the wayside in an attempt to keep on top of life and the pressures it produces.  We want to be and do the best for those around us, but this can come at the cost of our own health and sense of wellness.   When we strive too much for others and outside gratification, we can forget about making sure that our self-care needs are taken care of.  It is such a simple thing to live by –  if we look after ourselves properly physically, mentally and emotionally then we will better be able to take care of our responsibilities towards others because we can balance our needs and obligations to give us a more fulfilling life experience……… but how often do we do we actually commit to equal emphasis to the aspects of our lives?

Join Louise and Ella O for an Urban Day Retreat – Finding Balance in Your Life; a day dedicated to helping you find reconnection, rest and focus on your health and wellbeing.  Designed to assist you in dealing with the day to day pressures and strains of living.    We will guide you through a carefully selected mix of wellbeing tools to access physical, mental emotional and spiritual release helping you let go of stress and tension and find empowerment and focus to take you forward with more equilibrium and the all too elusive balance that makes all the difference.

Cost:  £88 (£77 for early bird bookings booked and paid before 28th February)