Hot Yoga

Practiced in a heated room, the heat helps to flush toxins from your skin, while enabling you to go a little more deeply and safely into postures. It can also help focus the mind, developing better mental concentration. 

At Jala Flow Yoga we use infrared heating as nature intended. Ancient man and woman have evolved to receive infrared, which is invisible heating energy from the sun. IR panels deliver this warmth without the potentially harmful light (UV) radiation.

The health benefits are substantial. Infrared is absorbed by the body, which causes it to increase blood circulation and boost immune functionality, detoxing and reducing joint stiffness.

Since infrared doesn’t rely on air as the medium for transporting the heat (like conventional radiators), there is far less movement of air which means that dust and allergens aren’t circulated around a room, helping to reducing the impact of allergies and asthma.

 Sidmouth Yoga Studio Hot Classes by the beach East Devon
 Relaxing and Holistic Yoga Studio with Hot Classes by the beach East Devon
 British Wheel of Yoga certified Hot Yoga Courses and workshops in Sidmouth East Devon by the beach

At Jala Flow we offer hot classes at all levels of intensity, meaning it can be experienced by anyone who wants to give it a go.

Gentle classes may be a good idea for those with injuries or joint pain, reducing the risk and stress on the body and also any aches or pains that may be felt the next day. The heat helps the body relax and improves breathing - great for soothing conditions like asthma.

For practitioners looking for a more cardiovascular workout while developing strength, flexibility and tone, working in the heat elevates heart rate, so you may want to try one of our more energetic Hot Flow classes.

We recommend that you avoid practicing yoga in the heat if you are pregnant or suffering from high blood pressure.


If you would like to try one of our hot classes, bring a towel with you to place over your mat, which will give you more grip in the hot conditions.

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