Holistic Therapies

Sandy Jeans - Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Life Coach

Nowadays many people are turning to complementary therapies to improve their health and well-being, both to enhance and work alongside, or to reduce the need for prescribed medication and invasive treatments. These often cause additional symptoms and side effects, with little or no improvement because the root cause of the problem is still there.

To book your treatment with Sandy at the studio, please contact Jala Flow Yoga by phone, email or text.

Sandy is available for booking every Thursday afternoon. If you would like to request a more convenient time, please don’t hesitate to ask and Sandy will do her best to work around you.

I have been to see so many alternative therapists over the years but with little success. I’m so happy that I’ve found Sandy as in a short period of time she has already begun to change my life. She is such a wonderful person with so much to offer. Just talking to her, you feel empowered.
— Caroline Coverdale, Somerset


Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. It works alongside other medical treatments to relieve side effects and enhance recovery.

Reiki treats the body as a whole, encouraging healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, working towards an overall sense of peace and well-being. It is a natural and safe method of healing and has been effective in helping many illnesses.



Massage can have a beneficial effect in many areas of your life, including easing pain, relieving tired, aching muscles and promoting relaxation. It is also used to treat chronic illnesses, injury and recovery from surgery.

Massage increases circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system to fight infection, helps aid better sleep, increases energy levels and positively influences health and well-being.


Life Coaching

Life Coaching sessions with Sandy offer a safe environment for people to relax, reflect and be who they truly are, with an opportunity to speak their truth without having to suppress feelings and emotions to protect others. By getting the inner dialogue out into the open, a person can release repressed energy, which is essential for real healing to take place, and to move towards the peace and freedom we all desire in our lives.



Reiki Reiki Treatment 1 hour £40
Massage Back, neck & shoulder Half hour £20
Leg Massage Half hour £20
Full Body Massage 1 hour £40
Life Coaching Session 1 hour £40

Gift Vouchers are available for all of the above treatments.