Picking a class that suits you.

Our classes are aimed at yogis of all levels and experience (unless otherwise stated) with a teacher on hand to guide you at your own pace.

All our Yoga classes teach postures and techniques that can bring an increase to flexibility & strength and include methods of relaxation and mindfulness for improved well-being.

To help ensure you choose the right class for you we have created an at-a-glance guide and key system to each type of practice taught here at Jala Flow.

The intensity of icon colour indicates the emphasis and intention of that particular class.

If you'd like a more in-depth description of all our Yoga practices and unique methods of teaching please click here
 Green Jala Flow Yoga strength icon. Stability, stamina, performance, control. Sidmouth  based studio by the beach.



 Green Jala Flow Yoga flexibility icon. Balence, Posture, Alignment, Release. Yoga Sidmouth. 



 Green Jala Flow Yoga athletic icon. Rigorous, workout, physical, endurance. Sports power yoga and fitness.



 Green Jala Flow Yoga relax icon. Gentle, refreshing, calming and cleansing British wheel of yoga classes and courses by the sea.



 Green Jala Flow Yoga wellbeing icon. Positivity, breathing, mental health, wholeness. Sidmouth Yoga classes helping to relieve anxiety & depression.


Mental Health

 Green Jala Flow Yoga Spiritual icon. Mindfulness, Consciousness, Meditation, Peace. Holistic health and heart opening yoga in east Devon.





Suitable for all levels

Traditional form of yoga

Good for posture and alignment

Body purification

Improves physical strength & stamina

Teaches breathing and relaxation techniques

Hatha Yoga Key system. Perfect for beginners, slow and gentle, good for alignment, strength & stamina with breathing techniques. Sidmouth, East Devon

Vinyasa Flow

Combines Hatha & Vinyasa yoga practices

Synchronizes movement and breathing

Energizing pose to pose transitions

Dance-like flow movement that enhances a state of meditation and mindfulness

Great for toning, strength, stamina and flexibility

Jala Flow Yoga Key system. Hatha & vinyasa combination synchronising movement and breathing with energising pose transitions in Sidmouth, East Devon


Influenced by the Tantra and Shaktas schools of Hinduism

Focus on awakening Kundalini energy

Practice Meditation

Pranayama & Chanting Mantra

"The yoga of awareness"

Kundalini Yoga key. Tantra and Shaktas schools of hinduism focus on awakening kundalini energy. Pranyama & Chanting mantra. Yoga of awareness Sidmouth

Restorative Yoga

Passive stretching

Synchronizes the breath and follows a specific
series of postures

Supine or seated yoga that uses props to support the body

Very Relaxing

Compliments other more active practices

Can help to achieve an open & refreshed feeling

Restorative Yoga Key. Passive stretching, series of poses, use of props, very relaxing leaves you with an open and refreshed feeling


Vigorous style of yoga

Synchronizes the breath and follows a specific
series of postures

Generates intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs

Improves circulation

Develop a light and strong body and a calm mind

Great for the more physically minded yogis among us

Ashtanga Yoga Key. Rigorous series of poses helping to improve breathing and circulation. Physical Yoga classes in Sidmouth

Yoga FIT

Achieve a very simple goal: Get FIT

Avoiding extreme postures, maintain a focus on power

Increase strength, flexibility and endurance

Seek individual optimum performance and enhance your sporting ability

Taught with a modern approach towards fitness, without losing the ethos of yogaImproves spine mobility & balance

Yoga FIT Key. Increase fitness and boost sports performance. Increase strength, flexibility and endurance

Yin Yoga

Targets the connective tissues that normally are not exercised

A perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga

Poses tend to be more passive and held for longer periods of time

Incorporating a little bit of both Yin and Yang creates a more well-rounded practice

Anusara Yoga Key.  Vinyasa style classes focused on alignment and precision, rigorous for the body and mind improving wellbeing


A form of Hatha Yoga that has an emphasis on detail, precision and alignment in the performance of posture (asana) and breath control (pranayama).

Students progress gradually by moving from simple poses to more complex ones, developing strength, mobility and stability.

Reduce tiredness and sooth nerves

Often makes use of props, as aids in performing postures, minimising the risk of injury or strain, and making the postures accessible to both young and old.

Hatha Yoga Key system. Perfect for beginners, slow and gentle, good for alignment, strength & stamina with breathing techniques. Sidmouth, East Devon

Private Classes

One-to-one/small classes

Available on request

Tailored to suit your needs

Classes provided at your place of work, school or at the studio

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More Information


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New Classes

Youth Yoga + Relax Kids

Youth Yoga: 11 - 18 year olds. Relax Kids: 5 - 8 year olds. Normally run over a 6 week period, during school term time. Students simply sign up to the course for the cost of £36 (6 weeks). Please contact the studio reserve your child’s place. Numbers are limited.

Pregnancy Yoga

Classes designed to support you through and after your pregnancy will begin with Mel, who is a qualified Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher. Sign up for a term of 5 weeks for £45. Please contact the studio to book your place.


Gain core strength and learn to focus on inner core breathing techniques

Enhance your individual sporting ability and increase wellbeing

Increase flexibility, strengthen main muscle groups and increase lung capacity

Taught with a modern approach towards Pilates, without losing the main principles

Forrest Yoga

Cultivate an acute awareness of your own practice

Learn to transform experiences off the mat and into daily life

A strong practice known for its holding of positions, abdominal core work, and extensive standing series

Friday Night Soul

Classes designed to help you let go of the week past and prepare you for the weekend. This stimulating class is focused around alignment, strength, flexibility and relaxation. With a tailored soundtrack, Friday Night Soul classes are designed to develop a sense of fun and freedom allowing breath and energy to fuel the practice and replenish the soul.

Flow & Stretch

Combine different styles of hatha from Movement with Breath, through to Yin, and everything in-between.

British Wheel of Yoga logo qualified classes in Sidmouth

British Wheel of Yoga Qualified

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Please contact us if you are unsure of which classes to attend and we will do our best to guide you.